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Amazon Workout Picks!

Right now, working out every day and getting into a cute look while I do it is part of what is keeping me going! I love that now you don’t have to spend a lot to find great workout gear! Check out these latest Amazon finds….. Read more →

10 FAB Workout Pieces to Get You UBER Motivated!

I don’t care what anyone says, I think it is a scientific fact (unproven, but I say so anyway!) that a cute workout outfit is a motivator to get you to the gym. So STOP wearing the same old faded black leggings that bag in the knees, and go get yourself some cute togs to sweat in! (p.s.: does anyone… Read more →

SPRING FEVER! 5 Things to Alleviate Your Symptoms……

It’s finally warming up outside, and all I wanna do is be here……. But thattttt’s not happening right now, so I figure at least I can dress for it, right? SO I put together for you all the 5 things I’m Jonesin’ on to help me with this SPRING FEVAH!!!!   American Eagle Off the Shoulder Embroidered Tee Shirt-$34.95. Is this… Read more →


Here are some of my fave gift ideas for under $50……. Get shopping, people, time is a-wastin’!!   AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING!    For the teenager in your life: “But wait, I have too much makeup!” said no girl, ever! She will love you for picking up this fantastic color palette from Sephora this year: Color Festival Blockbuster Palette, $49.50, Sephora  … Read more →

My TEN Commandments of Online Shopping…..Pt. 1

I am SERIOUS about shopping. But I am also SERIOUS about saving money! I have come up with my TEN Commandments of Online Shopping, to share with you some of the ways I am am able to buy FABULOUS things and save $$ at the same time!     1. Never, ever, buy anything online without searching for a coupon code… Read more →


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