I Had a Curated Shopping Experience, and THESE 3 THINGS Happened….

Recently, my husband and I escaped to Vegas for a little time away. We try to visit once a year for a couple of days of eating amazing food, shopping, and seeing great entertainment. Another Vegas tradition for us is that I do the shopping while he takes a nap. Everyone wins!

Without question, my fave shops in Vegas are the Forum shops at Caesar’s Palace. The atmosphere is fantastic, the shops are great, and the people watching is even better.

It also doesn’t hurt that you can get a YARD of margarita or daiquiri and carry it while you shop!

This time, the hubs went back to bed quite early, so I started my shopping shortly after the mall opened. It was nice and quiet. I quickly found myself in front of one of my favorite stores, Michael Kors. I was greeted by a lovely gentleman with an accent, who introduced himself as Boully Boully. He was charming and sweet and I knew we were going to be instant buddies. Especially after he got me a glass of champagne.

As I browsed and found different things I liked, Boully Boully was busy making me a surprise in the fitting room….He was putting together several complete outfits for me to try, including the clothes, shoes and bag to match. So for the next almost 2 hours, I sipped champagne, and played dress up with my new friend! And I had a blast. Of course I didn’t buy EVERYTHING he suggested. But here are a few really fun and surprising things that happened…

  1. I Saw Myself in A Whole New Light. I tried things on that I NEVER would have. And you know what? I loved so many of them! And more importantly, this got me out of the rut that we so often get stuck in where we think we only look good in certain things. And that we “shouldn’t” wear certain things due to our age, size, height, body type, etc. I feel like this is an exercise we should do once a year or so, just to get “unstuck” and start fresh again. And when I got home, I actually pulled out some things I hadn’t worn in ages for this very reason!
  2. I Was Reminded About the Importance of Fit, and Not What Number Is On the Tag. Boully pulled different pieces for me in different sizes,a dn although that sounds crazy, it totally worked. Some things needed to hug my body more and some needed to be more draped. And at the end of my visit, I had clothing in THREE different sizes. YUP. And guess what?
    • A.) They all look fabulous
    • B) No one knows what size I have on!
  3. I Fell In Love With Fashion Again. Being a busy mama like many of you, I so often find getting dressed more of a chore, and focus on speed above all else. But clothes are one of the best ways we have to express ourselves; they can reflect our mood, our sense of self, our sense of humor even. I am so thankful I rediscovered why I love clothes so much. And after all, we have to get dressed every day, why not make it fun?

Here I am with my new buddy! Isn’t he too cute?? (We actually exchanged numbers. How cool is that??)

And here I am in my new shoes that make me feel what it’s like to be TALLLLLLLLL….amazing!

GO get em!


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