The ♥ of who I am is in these two…..DSC_0254

I feel like I have grown and learned more of what makes me tick through these two and my dude. It is an adventure every day, sometimes filled with tears and poo and frustration, and sometimes with laughter and love that makes me feel like I might explode.

Meet Princess Isabella….. 

Bella IMG_5965 Alejandro Samiago

 IMG_0174 DSC_0111


And his Royal Highness A.J…..

IMG_7087 DSC_0115 Imagine DSC_0246 DSC_0072

Sibling LUVVVV

This week my little guy had to be taken to the ER, the “sofa fort” suffered a casualty……

Turns out, he had a dislocated elbow, and was good as new in a few hours time.

But when we returned , I found that Bella had made him some little gifts:


DSC_0402DSC_0401My kids argue like any other, but there are these moments when they show such love for each other, that it fills my heart with such joy.
When they make each other laugh, it is the sweetest sound to my ears. Hardest job in the world, YES. Most rewarding? YESSSSS……


Thanks, my little loves, for that joy you bring to me each day. Well, almost every day :).


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