Only 16 days until Christmas, how is that shopping coming along? Feeling overwhelmed? I have some fantastic picks for you from good old Amazon, so you can get the gift giving covered and get on to watching those Hallmark movies!!! I LOVE to bake. And during this Covid era, it is something I can do with my family at home!… Read more →


THE NEW NORMAL: Working out at home. Yup. It’s damn hard. I had never been someone who could do it, I always had to sign up for a class or attend a gym where I had paid for it, and where I knew people were there which would hold me accountable. This was before Covid. When my husband first bought… Read more →

Just Launched: Lizzy’s Life Hacks!

I just launched my new YouTube channel, Lizzy’s Life Hacks! It’s been a long time coming! People have been asking me to share all my secrets, from baking, to shopping, to beauty! With everyone staying home, I hope this will help you pass the time with some fun and useful tips! My first video, How to Make my FAVE Banana… Read more →

2019 Here I Come!

The more I think about the great things I have been able to do in my life, the more I realize those are the things in which a particular desired RESULT wasn’t my focus. It was the PROCESS. And I hesitate to even say the process that “got me said result”, because I am always a work in progress. Read more →

Magoo’s Hot Chocolate Mix

It’t the most wonderful time of the year! Now is the time that I love to snuggle up with a holiday movie and a cup of hot chocolate. And nothing is better than my mom’s recipe for homemade hot chocolate mix! I love it so much that I make some for the family, and then an extra batch for gifts.… Read more →

Mantras I Live By: Day 3

Today’s Mantra is about patience, something I have had very little of for most of my life. So on my journey to acquire more patience, I have discovered a little trick that has helped immensely. I used to just tell myself to give everything 24 hours to think about before reacting. But then I heard this quote put so succinctly… Read more →

Unicorn Party!

For my little lady’s 9th, she decided Unicorns were her JAM. So I quickly began searching for inspiration to make her day fabulous! I decided on decor, food, and goodies for the kids! Check it out! I found inspiration for her cake, cupcakes, parting gifts and more! I also decided that each guest would have a handmade Unicorn Horn Headband… Read more →

Mantras I Live By: DAY 2

Today’s mantra is really about fear. And overcoming it. How many things in your life did you want to try and stopped yourself because of maybe one or several of the following reasons?: I’m not good enough I don’t have time I am sure they will say no I am not smart enough I don’t have enough money I might… Read more →

Mantras I Live By-Day 1

All of us have challenges, problems, issues, stresses we face every single day. That is a fact. And that’s what life’s about. Instead of thinking our lives should be without strife or difficulty, I prefer to just accept the fact that something difficult is always going to be coming at me, be it big or small. First of all, accepting… Read more →

Unnecessary Guilt-How Do I Keep It in Check??

GUILT. UGH. A most useless and nagging emotion. I struggle with guilt daily regarding all kinds of issues.   I feel so bad, I…………… “Yelled at my child.” “Couldn’t commit to that project.” “Missed my friend’s birthday.” “Made an inappropriate joke at that party.” “Didn’t visit my mom today.” Thoughts that fill our heads and our days. I have been… Read more →


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