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Did I fully KISS MY COMFORT ZONE GOODBYE??? An update……

SO, now it’s April 20, 10 days until the Orangetheory Marathon Challenge is over! If you remember from my last post, I had signed up for the Ultra Marathon, or 31.3 miles, but I had decided instead of running that distance ONCE, I would do it TWICE, or 62.6 miles for the month. When we last checked in, I had… Read more →

How I am Learning to Kiss My Comfort Zone GOODBYE…

I AM FINALLY GETTING GOOD AT TELLING THAT VOICE IN MY HEAD TO SHUTUP. I think I am figuring out the secret to how to make this happen. Because she likes to tell me how many things I CAN’T DO, and I am OVER IT. I found the secret in this Marathon Challenge I am doing. No, I am not… Read more →

Does Growing Up Mean Giving Up On Our Dreams?

I recently watched this video about following your dreams: Do We Have to Stop Growing? It brings up lots of mixed feelings for those of us who haven’t necessarily taken the huge risks to follow our dreams. On one hand, it’s hopeful, as it really makes you think you are never too old to stop growing, stop dreaming. Aside from being… Read more →


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