Unicorn Party!

For my little lady’s 9th, she decided Unicorns were her JAM. So I quickly began searching for inspiration to make her day fabulous! I decided on decor, food, and goodies for the kids! Check it out!

I found inspiration for her cake, cupcakes, parting gifts and more!

I also decided that each guest would have a handmade Unicorn Horn Headband to wear. I used plastic headbands, felt, stuffing, ribbon and tulle, artificial flowers, and LOTS of hot glue….

I wrapped the headbands in felt strips and glued, then created ears and horns out of felt as well. I stuffed the horns and created bottoms. I then glued to seal them. Once I had all the pieces, I began gluing to the headbands. Then I finished with flowers and tulle to decorate, and gold ribbon wrapped around each horn!

I decided to make some unicorn themed treats as well. In addition to her cake, I made cupcakes, “Unicorn Poop” cookies, Unicorn Cheesecake Dip, And Unicorn Marshmallows.

As far as decor goes, I decided to stick with a simple color scheme of mint, pink, and gold. I created these unicorn centerpieces out of Chinese paper lanterns, paper, and artificial flowers, and of course HOT GLUE.

I also had a DIY slime bar for the kids. We premade a few different colors of slime, and then allowed each child to embellish their slime with different beads and glitters. Then I had mini mason jars for each of them to put their slime into. I got the idea from this great site called glitterpartyeventsanddesign.com, and please visit her site for other great party ideas as well!

Finally, I wanted to brave something I have never done but LOVE every time I see one-a balloon arch! It wasn’t easy, but now I think I know how to make it go faster. I used chicken wire fastened to the wall, attached the larger balloons via packing tape, and then glued the other smaller balloons into the gaps using low temp hot glue. Whaddya think???

I found the backdrop on Etsy, and assorted other decor items at Dollar Tree, Amazon, and Target. If you have any questions on how to make your own Unicorn Party or to inquire about my party planning services, please contact me!

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