EVERYONE has a story. Important to remember for 2 reasons: 1. People are made up of more than what we see and judge to be true at first glance. We all have heartaches and struggles and dreams and goals. So often, people carry around heartache that I couldn’t even fathom. Which is why being KIND is so important. Instead of looking at someone… Read more →

Amazon Workout Picks!

Right now, working out every day and getting into a cute look while I do it is part of what is keeping me going! I love that now you don’t have to spend a lot to find great workout gear! Check out these latest Amazon finds….. Read more →

do you know how strong you are?

If the 9 months of living in a pandemic didn’t make us feel powerless, the first week of 2021 certainly may have. But the thing you may not realize is that there will always be things out of our hands. ALWAYS. And there will always be SO MUCH that is in our hands too. So many decisions. And have you… Read more →

My Fave Amazon Buys for January!

I have been LIVING in this sherpa pullover in black since it turned chilly here in AZ!! I just had to order the brown color too!

This foam sleep mask is a GAME CHANGER. I have been consistently able to sleep later with it on, and because of how it’s designed, it doesn’t squish my eyes if I roll onto my stomach! LOVE it.

This cozy little sweater set is perfect for Sunday mornings and a cup of tea, or even a run to Starbucks! Comes in a million colors too!

This sheepskin throw is great for a chair, chaise, or even a table!

I just bought this set for my new sofa, and it’s the perfect addition to my living room decor. Warm, classy, and goes with everything!

What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

2020 is ALMOST OVER (cont’)

WHAT DO I NEED TO LET GO OF THAT IS NOT SERVING ME? #4: Anger towards people who’ve hurt you. Easier said than done! It is so easy to hold on to anger and resentment towards someone who has hurt us. But the truth is, if you are still holding it, you are only hurting yourself. Forgiveness is more about… Read more →

2020 is ALMOST OVER (cont’)

WHAT DO I NEED TO LET GO OF THAT IS NOT SERVING ME? #3: Relationships that Drain You. We all have them. It could be a friend, coworker, family member, lover, or spouse. I am not asking you to quit your job, leave your husband and get all new friends. The first step is being mindful of HOW you feel… Read more →

2020 is ALMOST OVER (cont’)

WHAT DO I NEED TO LET GO OF THAT IS NOT SERVING ME? #2: Worrying about Things I have No Control Over: I feel like 2020 has taken this to a while other level for many of us. Polarizing politics, a worldwide pandemic, hardship, lack of connection, all these things have given rise to our worry. And because, on some… Read more →


New Year’s has actually never been my favorite holiday. BUT THIS YEAR: I am ready to celebrate New Year’s like I never have. Can’t have a party, but no matter. I feel like we can see the light at the end of this long dark tunnel we’ve been treading through, and I am feeling so much hope. As I think… Read more →


Since the desert has gotten chilly, I have been LIVING in this sherpa I got from AMAZON! So comfy, cute, and a great price! Click Read more →


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