Mantras I Live By: DAY 2

Today’s mantra is really about fear. And overcoming it. How many things in your life did you want to try and stopped yourself because of maybe one or several of the following reasons?:

I’m not good enough

I don’t have time

I am sure they will say no

I am not smart enough

I don’t have enough money

I might look stupid

My wife/husband/friends/parents won’t approve

No one like me has ever been able to do that

“So and So” is definitely more talented, beautiful, connected, etc…

I am sure this opportunity will come around again

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We have all told ourselves one or many of these when something comes up in our lives that we really want to go for, but are too afraid. Why are we so good of talking ourselves out of things we want? Why do we let fear overcome us?

There is no point in regretting the past, it is over and done; however, I do wish I had learned to embrace this mantra earlier in my life. I would have saved myself so much unnecessary pain.

Here is why this mantra means so much to me:

  1. Learning from our mistakes so that we can do better each time is what life is all about. It is all of the errors that not only get us closer to the wins, but make us appreciate them all the more.
  2. Taking yourself too seriously can cause a lot of unnecessary pain. Forgive yourself! Mistakes are part of life, accept them with humor and grace and move on. And each chance you take after that will become easier and easier. 
  3. Taking chances and accepting mistakes makes you a better parent, partner, sister, daughter, son, friend. Forgive yourself, and forgiving others is all the simpler. Take chances, and you will encourage and inspire others to do the same. 


-Try actually saying “OOPS” out loud to yourself when you goof up. It’s a gentle reminder to not spiral into negativity and blow things out of proportion.

-And when an opportunity comes up that scares you, say to yourself, “What’s the Worst That Could Happen???”

SO go take some chances! And make some mistakes already!

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