My name is Lizzy, and I live in the desert Southwest, always have!

Nuhvuh was my nickname growing up-I couldn’t say “I love you” as a toddler, so I said “Nuhvuh”. It stuck.

I love all things creative: design, music, art… me, these are the things that make life worth LIVING!

Most importantly, I am the wife to the fabulous actor, wild man, accountant and more, Alex, and mommy to Miss Princess Isabella and Prince A.J.

I love singing and music more than anything. It feeds my soul. Elton John is my music soulmate as is Billy Joel. I WILL sing with them one day… Just puttin’ it out there, universe! You listening??

I am hopelessly addicted to Diet Coke. Hopelessly.

Italy is my favorite place on Earth and I can’t wait to return. A Lot.

Let’s do this!


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