2020 is ALMOST OVER (cont’)


#2: Worrying about Things I have No Control Over: I feel like 2020 has taken this to a while other level for many of us. Polarizing politics, a worldwide pandemic, hardship, lack of connection, all these things have given rise to our worry. And because, on some level, much of this is out of our control, we feel powerless to what is going on around us. But one thing I have had to tell myself over and over these past few months, is that my mental health is not worth losing over things I cannot change.

So how do we stop worrying so much? Here are some triggers and some ways to to combat them:

  • THE NEWS. This one is a biggie. This year in particular, every day there was news not only of the pandemic, but of our nation seemingly being split in two. It just never seemed to be anything but total chaos. So what do I do? CONTROL WHAT INFORMATION I TAKE IN. It doesn’t mean I don’t stay informed, but I control the amount of news I take in. I took all the news alerts off my phone. I only read the news when I am mentally prepared to do so, and on my own time. I don’t just let it come in and then react to it.
  • WHAT OTHERS THINK OF ME. There are only a few people whose opinions of me I care about-my husband, kids and a few other special people. And I know that if I am doing right by myself, being authentic, and being true to those people who love me, then all is well. 99% of what people are critical of you about has more to do with THEM than with YOU. Wish them well, and move on. You will never please everyone, so please yourself. And by that I don’t mean screw everyone, I mean be true to yourself and the path you are on.
  • THE FUTURE. None of us know what tomorrow will bring. So worrying about it is just wasting today. Yes, we could become ill, we could lose our jobs, but we could also kick ass until we turn 100 and be wealthy enough to never worry and help others too. So let it go.

A final thought. When I am giving energy to things I can’t control, I fail to discover all the things I CAN. Like:

My attitude. My mental fitness. My physical fitness. How I treat others. How I treat myself. My level of education. My curiosity. Who I choose to love. Who I choose to spend time with. What I read. What I eat. Where I travel to. And so much more. When you think about it, it’s really so exciting isn’t it?


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