DIY-Les Mis Chairs get a Girly Makeover!

So at closing of Les Miserables, Arizona Onstage offered to us to take folding chairs if we may need them. I jumped at the chance, and stashed four in my car immediately! Turns out these chairs are folding chairs from the 1940’s, repurposed many times, and finally redone again in drab grays and blacks with burlap seats. Like this…..



So I went down to Joann’s with my coupon app, picked out some lovely pink and white Ikat fabric, and then bought some glossy berry-colored paint at Lowe’s. Then I got to work!

First, I removed the seat cushions….



Then I removed the staples and pulled the burlap off. Turns out, there was another old cushion underneath, but I opted not to remove that one, it was very flat and smooth, so no need to waste time! If you wanted more cushion here, you could also put some batting down now….


Then I cut out four pieces of fabric, the size of the seat plus an inch or two extra. Then I stapled one side completely, and then, holding the fabric taut, stapled the opposite side down, and so on….Then I trimmed any extra fabric, and voila!






I then took the chairs out back, sanded any rough spots, and painted them. I used two full coats .


The finished product!


Not bad eh? These will be perfect for the royal birthday party (all pink, of course) this weekend!

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