do you know how strong you are?

If the 9 months of living in a pandemic didn’t make us feel powerless, the first week of 2021 certainly may have. But the thing you may not realize is that there will always be things out of our hands. ALWAYS. And there will always be SO MUCH that is in our hands too. So many decisions.

And have you ever done something that you never thought you could? THAT, my friends, is where the magic happens. Where you see your strength. And realize how empowered you really are.

Still trying to think of one? I got one for you……

YOU DID do something you didn’t think you could already- you made it through this past year. YOU DID IT. You survived and maybe even thrived in some really shitty and scary circumstances. And now you know you can. SO what else can you do that you never thought you could? Write a book? Run a marathon? Stop drinking? Call someone you haven’t spoken with in years? You know it won’t kill you, give it a shot. I got you, girl.

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