Mantras I Live By-Day 1

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All of us have challenges, problems, issues, stresses we face every single day. That is a fact. And that’s what life’s about. Instead of thinking our lives should be without strife or difficulty, I prefer to just accept the fact that something difficult is always going to be coming at me, be it big or small. First of all, accepting that is like a weight being lifted in itself. I am not sure where we all got the idea that our lives should be “happy” and problem-free, maybe looking at people’s highlight reels on Insta?? So make peace with it. Say to yourself, “Whaddya got today, world? I’m ready for it!

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Once you’ve stopped fretting over your life not being “perfect”, you are already halfway there. And sometimes, when we are in a good frame of mind, when our bucket is full so to speak, we can deal with our problems pretty well and move on. And then there are the days when you just can’t cope as well; maybe you’re sleep deprived or there is just too much on your plate. Those days may require a little more help to keep us from that downward spiral of negativity and overwhelm. I know it may seem silly, but one of the tools that helps me regularly is that I have an arsenal of favorite mantras to read when I need to be jolted out of my funk. So I wanted to start sharing some of those with you all regularly, hoping that they may inspire you as they’ve inspired me.

On Day 1, I want to share one that you’ve heard A MILLION TIMES. Doesn’t matter. I say this to myself more than any other. I repeat it over and over. And it helps. A LOT. DON’T FORGET IT!


I know, I know. You’ve HEARD this one. A million times.  But that doesn’t make it any less powerful. Looking at my calendar and feeling overwhelmed is a regular occurence for me as I am sure it is for many of you. Don’t worry about what may happen in that meeting in 2 weeks or how may days you have to work before your next day off. Focus on today. Just today. And if that is still too much, just work on getting through the afternoon, the hour, the minute. Whatever it takes. Keep moving forward. You’ve got this. Right now.

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