I have been Jonesing for these Nikes for months, and they are finally available again! I can’t wait to wear them not only for workouts, but with some leather leggings and a sherpa…..

I love the look of this jacket, it’s perfect for a run, or a Target run!

I never used to be into biker shorts, but I ordered these recently, and LOVED them! They are a perfect length for me, have a nice rise, and pockets too!

This seamless outfit is not only super comfy, but looks so put together! I love the grey color especially :).

Lately I haven’t been carrying a full purse around, and this bag is PERFECT for just my wallet, phone, and hand sanitizer!

This bra gives me LIFE! I just feel sassy when I wear it, as one should 🙂

I have always had this inner conflict where I want to wear weightlifting gloves to prevent calluses (and protect my wedding ring), but I just don’t like how they look! Until I found these-they are like a bikini for your hands. just covering the important parts :). They are a GAME CHANGER!

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