A Fabulous and YUMMY Father’s Day Gift to Make With Your Kids!

Hi All! Father’s Day is coming up this weekend!!!

Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a hard one-I never knew exactly what to get for my dad, and now my husband is just as hard! We want to show these guys just how special we think they are, and another necktie just isn’t going to do it!
Now that my kiddos are old enough to really get involved, it’s actually much more fun. They can come up with ideas and help with shopping or crafting gifts!
My daughter is lately getting more and more into watching DIY videos on YouTube, and recently saw one involving making huge versions of your favorite cookies and candies. My hubby is a TWIX addict, so she decided we had to make him a GIANT TWIX!
So here is what you need:
-shortbread cookies(we used Lorna Doone)
-caramel sauce
-chocolate for melting(we used milk chocolate chips and dark chocolate chips)
-gold wrapping paper
-a printer to print TWIX logo, scissors to cut it out, glue stick/tape to seal and attach logo
SO first, we took the cookies and started lining them up on a foil lined pan.
To make two logs like a real Twix , you ‘ll need to make two rows of cookies. We decided our rows would be 8 cookies long, but it’s up to you! Then we started drizzling caramel over the first layer. Be generous so the second layer will stick to the first. Keep stacking and drizzling until you get the height you want. We ended up with five layers of cookies.
As you are stacking and drizzling, make sure you push your cookies together so it makes a tight even log.


Now you are ready for chocolate! We decided to do one log in milk and one log in dark chocolate, but it’s up to you! I melted each bag of chips over a double boiler and then we poured it over each log.
As we poured, we had to spread it too to make sure it covered all the sides too.
Once the logs were covered in chocolate, I placed them in the fridge for a couple of hours to firm.
Once firm, I was able to cut away the messy edges and foil. I prepped a piece of cardboard with clean foil and placed the logs on it.
Don’t they look like real Twix???
Then we folded the gold paper over, sealed the edges with a glue stick, and trimmed with Pinking Shears to make a Zig Zag edge.
I googled “Twix Logo” and printed it as large as the page would fit, and then cut around the words. We used a glue stick to attach it.
What do you think? Think he’ll be able to eat it all by himself?
Happy Twixing!
And Happy Father’s Day to all those dads out there!

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