DIY Christmas Snowfall Garland!

I was watching the movie “Elf” the other night, and got inspired to do something fun and DIY to add to my Christmas decor this year! Remember when Buddy goes crazy all night and decorates the department store like the North Pole?

5217193876_6f1e392bc8How fun is that? 


Well, since we RARELY get a white Christmas, I decided to make a little snowfall myself. And you can too. What ya think?





I love it! I wish I could do the WHOLE house!


Also, a really fun thing to do with the kiddos.


Here is what you need:



Fishing line




First things first: I learned from trial and error, this is much easier if the marshmallows are a little stale. Leave the bag open for a day or so first to harden them up.

First, cut some fishing line in whatever length desired. I always cut mine longer than I think I will need and trim later. Also, cut some in varying lengths for the best effect.


Make a loop at one end. Insert a marshmallow and pull taut.(Don’t pull too hard, or it might go right through the marshmallow!) It’ll stay without you having to knot it twice.




Move up a few inches and repeat until you have several on one string. Leave a few inches for hanging.





In order to keep them from tangling before I hung them on the ceiling, I just taped them to a wall nearby. Or, you hang get straight to hanging! Tape works best.





Here it is! Like it?





As soon as I have all of our Christmas party decor finished, I will re-post!


Happy Holidays!


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