I have to admit there are many areas in which I live vicariously through my children:


1. Playing with Barbies, dump trucks, and bubbles.

2. Eating whatever leftover cookies, candy, ice cream, and bad for you shit that I would feel too terrible buying for myself most of the time.

3. Buying my daughter fabulous outfits covered in glitter, rhinestones, and Hello Kitty that I secretly wish I could wear myself.

4. Holidays and birthday parties-THE BEST. By the way, I just happen to have a party planning biz, C’est Soiree La,  that focuses on the kiddos-check out my Facebook page here!

Although I blanked on giant chunks of my childhood, I vividly remember Valentine’s day parties we used to have in elementary school. It was my favorite holiday to celebrate when I was a little girl. I remember stapling a brown paper bag I had decorated with heart cut-outs and glitter to the wall in my classroom. I remember the anticipation I felt when waiting to see how many fabulous Valentine cards I would receive from my friends. Ahh, the simple things….

SO to go to a store and buy a box of pull-apart Disney Valentine cards with a pencil attached to send with my kids to school, that would just be wrong to me somehow. Not judging, just not my style.


So I wanted to share the Valentine’s I made for the kiddos the last two years.


1. Goldfish treats: (moms love this one, no candy!) This one just took me printing my text, cutting out with my scallop cutter, and using some other cute papers to accessorize. Then just tossed some Goldfish in a clear baggie, wrapped a strip of  paper around it and topped with my message. Cuteness!



This year I searched for another inspired idea and found this adorable downloadable card in the Etsy shop Your Pretty Party. I simply downloaded the files and customized! I found the candy bracelets and cello bags on Amazon, and got to work! CUTE!!!





Woohoo! Onto the next project!!!!!




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