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Does Growing Up Mean Giving Up On Our Dreams?

I recently watched this video about following your dreams: Do We Have to Stop Growing? It brings up lots of mixed feelings for those of us who haven’t necessarily taken the huge risks to follow our dreams. On one hand, it’s hopeful, as it really makes you think you are never too old to stop growing, stop dreaming. Aside from being… Read more →


It’s Wednesday Again, and it’s also TECH WEEK for my show, TAX SEASON, and ALLERGY SEASON!!   So what does that mean? I am scrambling for sanity and sleep, and sneezing like there’s no tomorrow. So what do I do in these moments of chaos and instability? I put on pretty shoes. Somehow it makes my day! I was thinking… Read more →


If you are wondering where I have been for the past few weeks, well, I’ve been a little busy…. Torturing little Cosette, being the “Mistress of the House”, and picking pockets wherever I could. Yesterday, Les Miserables was put to rest for us, and we are all feeling it. Creating a show is like nothing else in the world-people come… Read more →

Les Mis-Rehearsin’ and Rehearsin’

Ahhh, Madame Thernardier. What a joy she has been to explore so far! This has been a joyful experience, and it is lovely to be the comic relief in such a heavy show. I have to admit it has been a total blast to be such a stinker…. The show itself is just beautiful, and my fellow castmates are blowing… Read more →

Hello cyberspace!

Welcome to! I am so excited to be sharing all of my mommy adventures, design and party tips, budget ideas, and performing adventures. Thanks for joining me! Read more →


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