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5 AMAZING Finds to Buy at Target RIGHT NOW!

In the interest of full disclosure, I will just open by saying Target is my happy place. Taking an hour to wander the aisles at my leisure, with a Target Cafe soda and popcorn in tow, is definitely a start to a great day. And I don’t really ever think about why. Maybe it is some voodoo spell they’ve cast… Read more →

My “No-Rules, No Budget” Santa Wish List

We all have a budget for our holiday shopping, but isn’t it fun to dream about all the things you would wish for if we didn’t? Let’s be honest, most of us don’t NEED anything, as long as we are all healthy and have a roof over our heads, there is not much else! But it is fun to daydream…..… Read more →

It’s Wednesday, so WHY NOT?

It’s Wednesday. Again. HUMP day. I don’t know about you, but if I didn’t have to actually start the whole week over, I might just want to start the whole week over. Bleh. How about you? Anything interesting to share? Hmm….what happened so far in 2015?   -Well, Kanye West has been credited with giving an unknown artist named Paul… Read more →


Here are some of my fave gift ideas for under $50……. Get shopping, people, time is a-wastin’!!   AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING!    For the teenager in your life: “But wait, I have too much makeup!” said no girl, ever! She will love you for picking up this fantastic color palette from Sephora this year: Color Festival Blockbuster Palette, $49.50, Sephora  … Read more →

My TEN Commandments of Online Shopping…..Pt. 1

I am SERIOUS about shopping. But I am also SERIOUS about saving money! I have come up with my TEN Commandments of Online Shopping, to share with you some of the ways I am am able to buy FABULOUS things and save $$ at the same time!     1. Never, ever, buy anything online without searching for a coupon code… Read more →


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